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With and as Adel Cersaque

Exhibited for Carte Blanche, curatorial project of french artist Aurélie Pétrel,
Ateliers de la Cité des Arts de Paris

Repeated a dozen of times since its first edition, the tables of 17th L.A.S.T. congress were able to record hours of debate. As it was time to end the, then, everlasting congress ; they thus had to spit it all out before being definitely conditioned for storage. For two nights in a row, set up in one room, Adel Cersaque (as the processing department of the L.A.S.T office) listened, unraveled and archived, in live, worth remembering thoughts from the recordings ; which were broadcasted by the tables before the public in the next room. Put together as playing cards in a  folder, the fruits  of the 17th L.A.S.T congress  are now yet to be found a use.

GOV’JAM (2014)

With and as Adel Cersaque

Exhibited in the ENSAD Headmaster’s office Paris & La Générale, Paris

Facing the questionnable urgency of participative innovation and its means like service design, invading up to our institutions ; Adel Cersaque came on to put together the Gov’Jam workshop, “Gov’Jam, a political story”. By making new use of the mediation tools of service design (as in fast learning, express repeated deadlines and framed debates), its goal was thus not to design small scale institutional tools but rather to rethink, as a whole and all bouderies aside, a brand new political system in seven days. Framing these few days of intense production, the dinner table became the set of a three and  a half hour lecture, three lunchs and long lively debates throughout which a dozen of students with undefined political views exposed real political desires through storytelling. Their tale took the form of an “allohistory” : by making the recent belgian crisis last for a hundred years, they shaped a new direct democracy based on online agoras. The story, however, consciously depicted the system from its birth to its fall.

EXO— (2013) unfinished

Conducted by Stig Steijner, Mehdi Vilquin, Raoul Audouin & Jérémie Rentien

Exhibited at the ENSAD open days

Second and final part of the WDYPM project. This new installation tries to strengthen the physical interaction between both music, representation and the spectator through the dance of silicon vases.

L.A.S.T (2014 — 2015)

With and as Adel Cersaque

Exhibited for the the 9th International Design Biennale of Saint-Étienne, Salone Satellite, Milano Italy, Irish Institute of Paris, Bettencourt Schueller fondation show at ENSAD

The Large Anthropological Simulation Trial (L.A.S.T.) is a piece constituted by five individual tables, linked together to form a circle. Each featuring a speaker, they altogether broadcast the fictional debate of four scientists and a mediator ; thereby only present by the tone of their voice. In the world in which the characters exist, a scientific organization known as the Université Communauté has put together a vast anthropological study which aims to test and compare former, present and futur political patterns through simulations. The scientists are thus asked to confront their patterns on stage, at the dinner table of the 17th annual congress ; at the end of which one of the four will be ruled out.
For every session, four volunteers of the public are asked to sit at the table in order to take part in the Large anthropological Simulation Trial. Each time the fictional debate is broadcasted, the participants, now guests, are then asked to perpetuate the discussions of their characters.
By chance, helped by the warmth of Chai tea and puddings, the debate would eventually slowly slide from story to reality ; and the microphones set up on the tables would be able to record their discussions.

By disturbing the instinctive credulity of the citizen — who feels illegitimate towards concrete political thinking — through fiction (as in the opportunity for the participant to hide behind the disguise of the character he is supposed to embody) L.A.S.T. was thought has a device to collect political thoughts and desires. Which it did quite well.

* L.A.S.T.html


Conducted by Stig Steijner, Mehdi Vilquin, Raoul Audouin & Jérémie Rentien

Exhibited at the Brakke Grond, central Amsterdam for the Rietveld Uncut

(An alternative to) Inputs, Outputs & Disputes is a musical installation that tends to bring together people uninitiated to music around an instictive musical platform. It tries to bridge the gap between the performance phisicality and digital ways of creating music.

* Inputs, outputs & disputes.html

jeremierentien.com (2014)

In collaboration with Jules Vaulont

* Latin Modern Roman.otf


This thesis was written from the start of autumn to the end of spring 2013.

Following concrete investigations and poetical evaluations, this book tends to evaluate the role of the table in negotiation, thus in politics. Considered as both an organizational device and a passion catalyser, the table is broken down into multiple research paths — gathered inside three categories:
1. The Writing or: how can the dinner table give birth to a form of theatre? (Study of Mafia dinners, French republican protocoles, patisserie and corporate roundabouts)
2. The Interpretation or: in which ways can the cook influence political agreements? (Study of the 1980’s play Le Souper by J.C Brisville, presidential menus vs military formations)
3. The Representation or: how can the table be the set of violent confrontation and hide death, with charm? (Study of Yakuza death dinners, La grande Bouffe by Marco Ferreri)

* Stratégie de table.pdf


In collaboration with Robin Bantigny-Pernot & Mehdi Vilquin as "Adel Cersaque"

The book Intersections and other worlds is the outcome of a writing cycle which aimed to experience and undermine popular worrisome contemporary subjects through the sketch of fictional societies and institutions. It gathers five short stories, written mid-way between science fiction and fantasy. Written separately, then put together, each world depicted in the first part of the writing process was re-thought to greet the others within its own storyline. As a result is the portrayal of a world in which time, geography, political patterns, black market or even love-affairs are intertwined to paint one big picture. To merge its writers into one, Adel Cersaque decided to send its manuscript to the french Éditions Sciences Acides in order for it join their 1987’s Sci-Fi collection. And it did.


In collaboration with Baptist Penetticobra

Exhibited at the ENSAD

Four students of the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse de Paris were asked to choose an ordinary popular song to dance on which was dear to them. The aim being that, by dancing on a song they liked, which was not necessarily a song they were use to dance on during their classes, they would forget about their knowledge and dance like everyone else. The song were aired in the headset they were wearing, thus only them were able to hear the track. The installation presents each students performance on four individual screens, with a unique soundtrack: the noise of their body and breath. Spectators are invited to put on headsets to hear the song on which the students were dancing on.



ME$$ (2012-2013)

ME$$ was meant to be a rather impressive 3D music video.

Unsuccessful? Why?

No real idea — which was supposed to be compensated by some amazing graphics; which resulted in too many hours of learning and practice.

APACHES (2012)

Apaches was meant to be a fifteen minutes musical which was joyful and pure.

Unsuccessful? Why?

Too many shots for a rather short story, an obsession for perfection, no music.

CHESS (2012)

Chess was meant to capture the pure scientific aura of professional chess players.

Unsuccessful? Why?

No real commitment to the game nor the models as well as some kind of discomfort towards the whole lot.

* Chess.image-gallery


Segments was meant to be a system which enabled dancers to create a musical composition through their movements.

Unsuccessful? Why?

Some unnecessary boundaries and a genuine though idiotic desire to impress.

* Segments.html


Cuauxicalli was meant to reflect the stiffness of ancient aztec rituals through a mechanized choreography.

Unsuccessful? Why?

Unnecessary special effects, together with no actual interest in aztec rituals.

* Cuauxicalli.mov


Champagne was meant to be a interesting view on the song Molly Ringwald by Seatllebased hip-hop band Champagne Champagne.

Unsuccessful? Why?

Very partially thought through as well as a rather easy to find replica.

* ChampagneChampagne.mov


Protocole was meant to "try out" different ways to show music on film.

Unsuccessful? Why??

Blind search for form which sadly resulted in no real discovery.

* Protocole.mov